Testimonials from Students

Giving Hope. Leading by Example. Transforming Lives!

Priyanka Salunkhe

Enrich Salon, Surat

I left my husband and moved to my parent’s home with my two children due to various family issues and my husband being an alcoholic. I was depressed and heartbroken with no urge to continue my life. But soon I heard of Rekha Ma’am’s training program at Nandurbar and joined it.

It changed my life for good giving me a platform to earn well enough to give my children a good lifestyle and education. Rekha Ma’am has done a lot for women like me to stand on our own feet with dignity.

Ratna Pimpale 

Enrich Salon, Surat

I was losing all hope and love for life due to various issues with my husband. Rekha Ma’am provided me such a platform that after completing a three months course, life completely changed for me.

Now I am independent with a good job, and I’m living in the true sense of the term. I can take care of my son’s future too. I’m immensely grateful to Rekha Ma’am. In fact, words fall short when it comes to thanking her for what she has done for me.

Mahima Valvi

Beautician and LPG Therapist at Caressaa Day Spa

I consider myself to be fortunate to have got the chance to work at a place like Caressaa Beauty Clinic, that too at a location like Juhu, serving high-end clients.

Life has completely changed for me. There was a time I lived in my village working hard in the paddy fields. Life was tough. But today, I have better circumstances with a good earning to provide for myself and my family.

Shradha Kasar

Tricho Therapist at Richfeel Hair Clinic

I got an opportunity to work with a professional clinic like Richfeel Hair Clinic only because of Rekha Ma’am. Being from the interiors of a village, I could never have made it till here. She has made the impossible possible.

“She has transformed my life completely by getting me from the village to a platform like Richfeel. I have my own identity today as a therapist because of the rock star of Nandurbar, Rekha Ma’am.

Kavita Suryavanshi

Truefitt & Hill Salon

Rekha Ma’am is the most motivating person in my life. I had heard of success stories of women from the past but had never come across anyone in present times, in real life until I saw Rekha Ma’am.

Now as I visit her office in Mumbai, every time I see her I am overwhelmed by her success, her lifestyle, and her concern for us. She is one of the greatest persons I know, the most thoughtful and supportive. There is no one like her.

I was sitting in a village without a job even after having a formal educational degree. Today, Rekha Ma’am has made me capable of working in one of the top high-end luxury salons as a senior therapist.

My 3 years graduation degree couldn’t help me earn even Rs. 1,000/- while the three months training from Rekha Ma’am has helped me earn Rs. 30,000 per month. I fall short of words to thank her and praise her for what she has done for us. I thank her for making me capable of working in this spa today.

Sonam Deore

Team Member at OLWE

Rekha Ma’am has changed the lives of many village women like me who were shattered due to domestic violence and other problems. I am exceptionally fortunate that she gave me the opportunity to work with her and changed my life story into a successful one.

My responsibility at Oneline Wellness Education institute is to get placements for the students and support them thereafter. I have been visiting and interviewing these students at various centers. It feels amazing to see how happy they as well as their families are because of the change Rekha Ma’am has brought about.

Bharati Jaiswal

Beautician and LPG Therapist at Caressaa Day Spa

Rekha Ma’am has been a ray of hope and opportunities in my life. She has uplifted my life so much so that today I am proud of being who I am.

I work at a posh locality in Mumbai, a kind of place I could never have imagined to visit.  There’s been a dramatic change in my lifestyle. I’m financially independent today and more confident.

I am enjoying my work at Caressaa as a beautician and an LPG therapist. All thanks to Rekha Ma’am. I’m immensely grateful to her for being a support in my life.

She is ‘The Someone’ Behind Her Student’s Successful Stories!

She is ‘The Someone’ Behind Her Student’s Successful Stories!

She is ‘The Someone’ Behind Her Student’s Successful Stories!