Passionately weaving a string of milestones.

  1. The Global Journey Begins

    Won the Indian distributorship from Remy Laure, France for marketing beauty products in India. With relentless willpower, hard work, and a result-oriented focus, her efforts paid off. She got invited by many more global brands in France and Germany to accept new distributorship of premium products and also to speak about her success.

  2. Carving Her Space in the Global Market

    Dr. Rekha Chaudhari received global recognition in the premium beauty market for being a growth contributor in India. She was appreciated for introducing innovative technology-driven services. Invitations poured in from global premium brands wanting to partner. OneLine Wellness became a one-stop destination for world-class wellness-related solutions.

  3. Introducing Novel Ideas

    Dr. Rekha Chaudhari has invented and patented ‘The Geo Spa Therapy’ and ‘The Novel Rope Massage Therapy’, which became one-of-its-kind therapies in India, and it led her to receive many awards and recognitions for her inventions.

  4. A Space amidst the Elite

    A dream come true with the opening of her spa, ‘Caressaa’ in one of Mumbai’s most upscale locations. At Caressaa, the advance treatments and exclusive beauty technologies provide instant visual results. Top of the line European Facials and also Anti-Aging treatment using patented LPG Endermologie technique from France are offered.

  5. Impacting for Change

    Received an invitation to attend an international prestigious conference, the Global Wellness Summit (GWS). A highly exclusive event, it can be attended by only those with an invitation. Dr. Rekha Chaudhari made India proud by being a face amidst the elite circle of leaders and visionaries carving a new future for the global wellness industr

  6. The World Listens

    Dr. Rekha Chaudhari received an invitation as a speaker for a table talk at the Global Wellness Summit. Being the first Indian to have taken patents on her design concept and therapies, Dr. Rekha was invited to speak on “How to patent therapies”. Her views and opinions about the Indian market are valued and even considered on the world platform for white papers in these forums.

  7. A Mission to Empower

    A dream come true with the opening of her spa, ‘Caressaa’ in one of Mumbai’s most upscale locations. At Caressaa, the advance treatments and exclusive beauty technologies provide instant visual results. Top of the line European Facials and also Anti-Aging treatment using patented LPG Endermologie technique from France are offered.

  8. Spa & Wellness Consultancy

    Forayed into international spa & wellness consulting. Became one of the top five Indians to provide expertise of spa development and consultancy for wellness centres in India and internationally. Setting up of wellness centres in Russia and Kenya, International Airports in India and also personal spa suites for celebrities and politicians has become a unique demand in her professional career. She was the one who also launched The Spaloon concept in 2005 in India.

  9. Committing to Rural Upliftment

    To bridge the huge demand-supply gap in the beauty and wellness industry, Dr. Rekha launched the Zep Foundation and OLWE Institute that provides awareness and knowledge to the rural youth regarding opportunities in the wellness space and makes them employable.

  10. An Invitation to Mark a Difference

    Mothers Touch, a patent social business model was conceptualized by Ms. Chaudhari and is backed by her eight years of research on this subject. This initiative is aimed to provide the modern mother and child with postpartum care with traditional Indian practices. The foundation aims at providing employment opportunities and generating at least 60,000 jobs for women from the villages of India.

  11. Inspires to Embrace Wellness

    Global Wellness Day was initiated in India by Global Brand Ambassador Dr. Rekha Chaudhari, with complete support from the ministries of Maharashtra, Rajasthan as well as other government bodies, doctors and hospitals, hotels and spas, celebrities, gymnasiums, wellness destinations, schools, and many more. The movement has over 10 lakh followers today.

  12. The Sky is the Limit

    As Dr. Rekha Chaudhari continues her journey of giving a new shape to the wellness industry, she continues to empower and motivate people. Invited as a speaker at Deputy Commissioner’s office, Kurukshetra (and many more places), she shares and guides the women officers to chase their dreams and achieve their goals. Just by the power of her voice and inspiring story, she has transformed many lives of many women and given them hope for a brighter future.

  13. Cosmoprof Beckons

    Dr. Rekha Chaudhari received an exclusive invitation to speak as a VIP buyer at the expo by Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna – 52nd Edition. Cosmoprof is a reputed leading B2B beauty trade show that introduces revolutionary modern technologies and also facilitates business opportunities between more than 500,000 professionals and over 7500 companies. The expo witnessed 3,033 exhibitors and more than 265,000 visitors from 150 countries. She enlightened the audience at the event with her expertise in the beauty industry.

  14. New Ideas for New Horizons

    Understanding the consumer business and demands of the Indian B2B market, Dr. Rekha Chaudhari remodelled her business strategies. Leveraging the benefits of technology, products are now sold online. By streamlining the business with a system-centric process, OneLine Wellness achieved a 30% growth in the first month itself. The risk-taker in her set an example and has been a trend-setter for the beauty and wellness industry.

  15. Makes India Proud

    Dr. Rekha Chaudhari became the first author in the world to share the research evidence of Indian postnatal care with the world. Her research studies got registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA), Department of Health run a trial registry and International Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP), World Health Organization (WHO). She was also invited as a speaker and was highly appreciated at the Oxford University (UK), Harvard University (USA), and John Hopkins University (USA).

  16. Unfurling of a New Chapter

    She became the First Indian in the Wellness Industry to be honoured and awarded with the Philosophiae Doctor Honoris Causa by Sorbonne University, France. The first version of the book Mothers Touch, focusing on a mother’s postpartum care, based on Indian traditions and natural healing was launched in the international platform in 2019. The second version catering to the health care of the new-born babies is to be launched shortly.

Venturing into New Horizons to Touch Lives!

Venturing into New Horizons to Touch Lives!