“The little practices which the wellness industry is teaching will help to make everyone’s lives positive and happier.”

The dynamic Dr. Rekha Chaudhari wears many hats! As the founder of Oneline Wellness, her company offers premium international beauty products in India. She is the Global Wellness Ambassador for India and has recently launched the Indian Professional Beauty & Wellness Hygiene Alliance (IPBWA) which provides hygiene guidelines for the beauty and wellness industry.

With the lockdown across India extending over 120 days in some cities, many people are showing signs of stress and depression and employers now have the added responsibility of keeping their employees in a positive frame of mind. We ask Rekha how this problem can be addressed successfully.

Sandhya Chipalkatti: As the Global Wellness Ambassador for India, what are your observations on how Covid 19 is affecting people’s behaviour?

Covid 19 has changed everyone’s life leaving a big question mark about the regular routine we all were living by.

Normal life has changed for everyone! Now wearing a mask and gloves, using hand sanitizers and staying inside our homes has impacted many people mentally making them feel vulnerable. Many people above 45 years old who were fit, sporty and healthy were suddenly told their immunity system was not very strong and that they need to be careful.

What do these things mean? It’s difficult for people to accept this sudden change. That’s the reason why we are seeing an increased level of anxiety in the society.

Mental health leads to mental and physical wellness. It’s like the vibe you give is the vibe you get back from the universe. If you think about only about bad things, then you will get those in return; if you see good in every situation your mind will be at peace and you will get the same in return.

How can Wellness practices alleviate high anxiety and stress?

We all know that the wellness industry has proven evidence that explains how wellness habits prompt our brain to change. A holistic approach towards prevention is the most effective means to cope with the current situation.

  • Adopting a wellbeing lifestyle in our daily life is the foundation.
  • Movement and exercise produce changes in certain areas of the brain.
  • Sleep and meditation are both forms of rest, essential for our bodies to renew daily.
  • Laughing therapies especially with others, creates happiness that is measurable in physiological terms. It reduces inflammation, improves immunity, prevents metabolic disorders, etc.
  • Nutrition and dietisan important part of our lives. Our elders have told us since childhood that if our belly is calm, our mind will be calm. This is what wellness industry teaches the universe.

These healthy activities will make you calmer and more stable.

What role can companies play in the wellbeing of their workforce?

Many companies are facing problems due to panic and a fearful mind set of the employees. If the workforce is not confident, it will definitely affect the customers.

  1. The first important step for their wellbeing is to give them the confidence that they are financially secure.
  2. Assure them of their safety by providing safety and hygiene guidelines training religiously for their staff’s well-being and avoid further risk of infections. If the staff is confident to take care of themselves, automatically theconsumer’s safety will be taken care of.
  3. Organize wellness counselling sessions for their workforce.
  4. Offer them education about nutrition and wellness practices.
  5. Encourage employees to do well-being activities during their breaks while at work; bring healthy food in their tiffin.

It is the time to educate them that the real wealth is one’s health.

“For the last 2 months, I have been strongly advocated the message of wellness and making health as a real wealth a priority through #Mission Parasmani.”

What can you do to maintain your physical and mental health?

In short, personal nutrition can only make good on its promise if we have a whole picture of our biology, including a “prescription” of actionable steps for achieving our best, most well selves. The exciting news is that solutions are quickly moving that way…and more advanced ones are on the horizon.-write up by GWS

It all starts with your physical activities and the way you think.

  1. First of all, try to wake up calmly in the morning. Sit on your bed for five minutes and say thanks to the universe for giving you all the things that you have.Just think about the things that make you feel happy.
  2. Then freshen up, take a shower, take some time to pamper yourself and do your skin care rituals. Look at the mirror and give yourself a smile andleave a positive vibe saying‘I am happy no matter what’. Tune your mind to the thought ‘Allis well!’.
  3. Next, as a part of the ritual, have a good breakfast…in fact, try to eat healthy throughout the day. Cut down the bad stuff.
  4. Make some time to exercise or do yoga and meditation, which is good to keep your mind healthy.

Any final piece of advice?

Your body adapts to the things that you give it and your mind plays a very essential role in it. If you tell your mind that ‘I am happy’, you will definitely feel only happiness, but if you tend to see problems in every situation you are degrading both your mental and physical health.
Do not open the door to negativity. It will damage your mental and physical health.